Making mistakes by playing at rogue online casinos is something that you don't want to be doing, and over the years I have fallen foul to several dodgy outfits that seem all shiny and great on the outside, but when it gets to the point of you cashing out your winnings or hitting a problem, those shiny wheels quickly begin to fall off.

With over 10 years experience of playing at online casinos, and over 20 years of experience working in the gambling industry, I've been able to put together this website to make sure that anyone who chooses to play at an online casino can do so knowing that they are playing at a reputable brand.


You'd be right in asking that question, there are a huge amount of websites that now review casinos and the latest games, so what makes Savvygamblers any different. The difference with this site is that I have played at all of the featured casinos with my own money, I'm not saying that other websites haven't, but what I do know is that I regularly see rogue casinos being advertised on various casino review websites that I wouldn't go anywhere near, and how do I know this? Because I've played there or at a casino that is operated by the same group and know them not to be trusted, let alone recommended.

The total amount of recommended casinos currently at Savvygamblers is 38, that is from the 100s that I have played at. Put that number against the majority of websites and it is very small, I'm not saying they don't review the layouts and games that casinos have, but I do have my doubts anybody involved at some of these review sites have ever played at them.


Growing up at a seaside resort especially in the 80s and 90s meant there were always plenty of fruit machines around to play on, and the opportunity to get a seasonal job working in the amusements  was also another opportunity that I decided to take. Progressing through various job roles I have spent time working for Leisure Link & Playnation who are now owned by Novomatic, these roles have seen me gain a wealth of experience and insight into how the gambling industry works, and also gave me first hand knowledge of slots as well as keeping to and learning more about the strict guidelines set out by the UK Gambling Commission. 

During my management of the amusements at one of the biggest holiday parks in the UK, part of that role was testing new equipment to see how it performed and some of this included slots, in particular the latest video slots for the over 18s area. This I found particularly fascinating as the manufacturers would give you an insight in to what to expect pay wise from these machines, and it also gave me a chance to see how the RTP on slots worked over a course of 1000s of spins on these games.

From a playing point of view it has been nothing short of remarkable to see the transformation of playing fruits as a child for 2p a spin, to now being able to play online through your mobile phone. This technology has allowed 1000s and 1000s of games to be released and as I did when working for Playnation I thoroughly enjoy reviewing these games and publishing the results on the website. Being able to review and test games lets me draw from my experience, and if a slot I review is rubbish then I will tell you it's rubbish, nothing will be dressed up on this site to sound better than it is, just as we had to inform some of the biggest manufacturers in the land based industry that their games were not up to scratch. 


Making sure that gambling is done so in a responsible manner is something I take very seriously, this again stems back to the countless hours put in to training staff and staying up to date with all the latest rules and regulations imposed by the UKGC. My page on responsible gambling is again drawn from my experience of working in the industry and playing online, and its aim is to help keep you safe at all times when gambling online.

It was very pleasing that before Gamstop was live to UK players that I reviewed it and explained how it worked and that page was positioned on page 1 of google for some time, unfortunately now more established sites have published their pages and pushed me further down the pecking order but the fact a small site like Savvygamblers had made that page a priority months before others I felt spoke volumes for the direction this site was going in. What you will also find with this website is that we practice what we preach, I find it confusing how some players that are associated with websites talk about responsible gambling but post slot sessions of €40 or more spins, all posted play on this site is of responsible and realistic amounts.


I now have family members that live in Asia so this puts me in the unique position of being able to spend around 5 months of the year there, and the other 7 living and working in the UK. Due to these circumstances I am able to play at and review Asian casinos so that is why they are also featured on Savvygamblers.

The fact I can play at some European Casinos from Asia also gives me an insight into those casinos that other reviewers can't get, for example I get to see how well they perform when it comes to verifying an account when you're not playing from Europe, this has enabled me to see how good the casinos that I feature really are. I have been verified and paid at these casinos quicker than what I have when signing up from the UK and playing at various brands, and I feel this speaks volumes for their integrity and honesty.


On so many occasions in the past I have googled a casino to see what the results would bring up, I would then look at a page 1 listing to see that it was highly recommended and continue to sign up and play there. Time and time again when it came to withdrawing winnings I would encounter problems and realise that the recommendation was more than likely made by somebody that has never played at that site, but deemed it to be good by what they had been told and seen when reviewing the platform etc.

This got me to thinking that I have played at so many online casinos over the years that I could make a website detailing my experiences and recommending only the very best sites that I have played at and deposited and withdrawn money at. By also adding my industry knowledge to the site and covering areas that people may have questions about, I felt that this website would be an honest platform for people to use if they were looking for somewhere new to play or wanted to try an online casino for the very first time.

Savvygamblers enables me to share my experience from the jobs that I have worked in, and lets me show potential players the best places to play so they don't have to suffer the same downfalls that I did when I first started out. The aim is to present this knowledge so that you are armed with the facts and know the importance of gambling responsibly at all times.