Having grown up in a seaside town, fruit machines and the presence of gambling was never far away, so when it came to the age of getting a seasonal job the arcades were the place to go for most kids in their mid teens. ( I'll just point out this was quite legal at the time, and before the gambling act was introduced in this country )

As I got older I worked in other various jobs but the draw of making decent money for long hours during the busy season always seemed to get you back into the gambling industry. About 10 years ago having gained quite a lot of experience in amusement arcades I got lucky and managed to land myself an assistant managers job in the arcade on one of the biggest holiday camps in the UK. 

A couple of years on from this point and I was the manager, this at times was a very stressful position but it did give me a huge insight into the industry itself, and especially made me more aware of the risks of gambling.

I held this position for a few years before moving on to pastures new with a deeper knowledge of the industry, but also wanting to find a position that was a little easier on the potential of going grey overnight. So currently I'm managing at another amusement arcade that is still extremely busy, but the ratio of chiefs to Indians is much more favourable and to my liking.


Over the years it's always been interesting for me to watch the development of the gaming side of the industry, I remember playing slots as a kid for 2p a spin with a £1 Jackpot.

The jackpots kept rising and then online gambling came along, I'd always played online but preferred the land based games as it was what I had grown up with. This changed for me though as the industry kept pushing up the land based stake and prize. I was a fan of the high tech machines and the latest push to £100 jackpots and up to £1 a spin on these I felt was a huge mistake.

The B3 machines could only pay £500 for a £2 spin where you could land double that online ( granted you need to be very lucky ) but when looking for the best value if you want to have a gamble you will choose the best option, I now feel that playing online is the best option no matter what stake you want to play, and the range of games available is huge.

So after some thought and realising that I had played loads of different slots online and played across a huge amount of sites hunting out bonuses, why not just write about what you've done and where you've played.

That pretty much brings me up to this point.


For sure there are lots of review sites on the internet to gain information from, but I'll only be writing about the games I've played and recommending the casinos I have actually deposited my own money at. Yes I'm not the team of experts that other sites boast about, but have they been sat sweating on wondering if a casino is going to pay them out after a withdrawal? Maybe, maybe not, but I know I have, that's why any sites I've had issues with I wouldn't dream of recommending them.

Having also had first hand experience through my job with responsible gambling I will take it seriously throughout this website, it won't just be a case of having a page about it because I have to, if anybody would like to contact me through this site if they feel they have an issue, then please feel free to do so, I'll do my best to make sure you get to speak with somebody qualified in that field that can help you out.

All in all I'm just the same as you, I like to have a bit of a punt if I've got a bit of extra money I don't mind losing, but always in hope of getting a decent win.